Cool architecture

gb.png Oh man, this is so nice! A house in Dresden (Germany) with a cool drainage system!
Wanted to share this with you 🙂

it.png Oh, che storia! Una casa a Dresden (Germania) con un sistema di scolo delle acque piovane veramente particolare!
Giusto per condividere 🙂


[ via Make Magazine ]

Steorn-mania strikes again! + mixed stuff

heater.jpg gb.png And the “not-subject-to-physics-laws-inventions” saga goes on! If Steorn, with its perpetual-motion device, has been so audacious to challenge thermodynamic’s laws (being predictably beaten), Ecowatts goes well beyond, literally making fun of them.
As reported by the influential Dailymail, this small company of Lancing (West Sussex, England) managed to produce a device able to output more energy then the one you need to make it work.
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